Coaching with Powerful Interactions® (with Judy Jablon and Shaun Johnsen, NAEYC, 2015).  In this book we introduce the concept of a coaches’ stance and provide many examples to illustrate that the values and beliefs a coach brings to her practice influences her effectiveness. Stories in print and on video clips uncover challenges, lessons learned and best practices that can be used by anyone supporting educators. 


Raising the Bar of Quality in the Preparation of Early Childhood Educators: Bridging the Gap Between What We Know and What We Do  (with Sherry Cleary, New York Early Childhood Development Institute, 2017)  Written with the support of the Foundation for Child Development, this report is based on the work of the The City University of New York (CUNY) Early Childhood Working Group charged to generate a set of recommendations to ensure that CUNY takes a lead in the future preparation of the early care and education workforce. Appendix A is a resource for creating a culture of collaboration to support such re-envisioning work.


Resources for Leaders Shelter from The Storm. These materials written with ZERO TO THREE and Save the Children were created to support professionals and parents affected by natural disaster. In English and Spanish, they can be used in childcare and emergency shelter settings.