To support families of babies and toddlers see, understand
and promote their child's development …

The Ounce Scale Family Albums (with Samuel J. Meisels, Dorothea Marsden, Donna Weston and Abigail Jewkes, Pearson Early Learning, 2003) is a set of colorful, illustrated booklets to help families keep track of and understand the changes that take place in a child’s first three years of life. Activities for families to try and enjoy together are included. Each album includes “gallery space” where family members can add photos, drawings and stories.

To better understand and support military and veteran families …

Military and Veteran families babies and toddlers are parenting during a time of high stress due to long, multiple separations, complicated reunions and transitions to civilian life and in too many instances a parent’s injury or death.   

I worked with ZERO TO THREE Military Family Projects to create some of the first materials available for military families with infants and toddlers.  Each features the voices of family members and is grounded in the reality of families’ daily lives and recent research on what young children and their families need in order to thrive:

Supporting Young Children Affected by A Military Parent’s Deployment, Injury or Death: A Guide for Caring Professionals. ZERO TO THREE. (2009).

Supporting Young Children Affected by Their Veteran family’s transition to civilian life, injury, or parental death: A Guide for Caring Professionals. ZERO TO THREE. (2013).

Endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, these materials and accompanying guides for families in English and Spanish can be downloaded for free.

Serving Military Families: Theories, Research, and Application: Second edition. (with Karen Blaisure, Tara Saathoff-Wells, Angela Pereira, Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group, LLC, 2015).  We wrote this textbook to introduce readers to the military culture – the risks and resilience that shape the daily lives of service members and their families, especially during times of war. I interviewed over 70 service members and veterans, family members, practitioners and researchers whose voices and lessons learned are shared throughout. Link??

"Using her skills and insight, her compassion, and her ability to see the bigger picture, Amy has helped countless professionals engaging in or preparing for work with the military grasp the culture, challenges, and resilience that characterizes life for current or past military members and their families."

—Angela Pereira, PhD, MSW, LCSW-C; Colonel, United States Army, Retired; Co-author, Serving Military Families: Theories, Research, and Application (2015)