For over 30 years, I have helped individuals and organizations pause a moment to identify,
build upon, and disseminate the specific practices in their work that make a difference. 


“When someone sees us, it is easier to see ourselves and others.  In this moment, new discoveries and change are possible.”

As I listen, I ask thoughtful questions and record challenges, successes and lessons learned, change makers are seen and heard.  This in turn allows them to see and hear themselves in a new way. As we uncover effective practices, they begin to embrace the idea – some for the first time –that what they decide to say and do (and how they speak and act) matters. They change from the inside out becoming more intentional
and effective.

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Better than any training, this newfound awareness is a resource they can depend upon from that point forward.  With intention they will deepen their strengths, finding a new confidence to extend their positive impact within their program and beyond as we share their insights and best practices with others.  My role: to assure that their insights are communicated in a way that connects with and is meaningful to those most likely to use it.

This ability to bridge content to users has led organizations to hire me not only to document and to create replication materials but also to lend my voice to other resources.  To transform content into respectful and impactful conversations helping to assure that it will be heard, understood and used.


"Amy listens to adults (and children) in a way that brings forth their genuine, essential voices and responses without the distortion of expectation."

—Jeree Pawl, Ph.D.  
An author of How You Are is as Important as What You Say and Do