Too often effective practices are overlooked and decisions are made in a hurry when trying to make things better for children. Yet, lasting positive change requires that teachers, leaders and family members recognize what works and embrace the idea that what they decide to say and do (and how) matters. 

I support individuals and programs to identify their best practices and then use that information to become more intentional decision-makers through: 

Documenting Effective Practices

Documentation, like a mirror, gives people (and organizations) an opportunity to pause, to see themselves and as a result to see and identify
their challenges, strengths and lessons learned.  Together, we use these insights to plan a path forward and to share what really works with others.

Translating Content So It Is Meaningful and Used

My writing builds a bridge between content and those who will find it useful. Grounded in the daily
lives of educators and families, people see
themselves making it more likely that they will pause to reflect and decide to adopt ideas that will  help them be even more effective.


"Playing with watercolors helps me slow down and become quiet inside so that I can see, listen to and think with others."